Corporate Domain Name Management

Global brands are consistently under threat on brand abuse online and Domain Protector is passionate about managing this risk. Our experience shows that a lack of internal resources to create and manage a brand protection policy in-house is the biggest contributor to domain name miss-management. The advantage of using Domain Protector is that we focus on your brand full time. We ensure it is managed professionally and accurately.

Below is a summary of the benefits of out-sourcing your domain name management to Domain Protector:

  • Ensures domains are safe - our domain name management console is a perfect mix of access and security for your domains.

  • Provides cost-effective, enterprise domain management. Our team are on hand 24 hours a day to assist in any technical task related to your domain name management.

  • Enables efficient domain recovery. Our external legal service provider are experts in trademark and domain legislation and are there to offer a hand when needed.

Domain name management is a combination of services which look at your entire online presence. Below is a summary of each component of our domain name management program.

  • Domain Name Policy Documentation
    Development of policies for consistent domain name registration, management and strategy.

  • Domain Name Portfolio Optimization
    Our team of domain name experts will work with in-house staff to formalize a strategy to maximize domain name opportunites.

  • Domain Name & Online Brand Monitoring
    Our advanced online brand monitoring tools will ensure we are aware of any breach or risk against your online brand.



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