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Domain Protector is a trusted Australian domain name management company which can assit global companies in  protecting their brand in Australia.

Benefits of securing your domain name in Australia:


1: Increased Traffic: Many Australians by default will type “” when navigating to a website.

2: Brand Protection: You identity is protected in Australia and directed you your US brand.

Our domain specialists work with each client to put in place the appropriate legal and technical structures required to register Australian domain names.

Please see the process written by George Pongas from the AusReg website:

According to .au policies outlined by auDA, any business with an Australian registered trademark or foreign company which is licensed to trade in Australia is allowed to register domain names via an accredited .au registrar.

Simply put, foreign companies can register domain names so long as they possess an Australian registered trademark or have applied for one. However, foreign entities should not fret; if your trademark is not yet registered in Australia, a trademark filing number is sufficient to register a .au domain name and it is neither hard nor expensive to attain this.

Thanks to the Madrid System for International Registration of Marks, a trademark owner is offered the possibility to have a trademark protected in several countries within the Madrid Union of countries by simply filing one application directly with their own national or regional trademark office, or designating further countries subsequently. The Madrid System has been around for over a century and functions under the original 1891 Madrid Agreement and the more recent 1989 Madrid Protocol.

Having signed the Madrid Protocol, Australia is a member of the Madrid Union and so enjoys the benefits of the system. The list of members of the Madrid Union can be found here:

As a member, a foreign trademark owner can designate Australia in their international applications, provided the trademark is registered in a country that is part of the Madrid Union.

From here, the process is straightforward and easy to follow. WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) provides an International Application Simulator which demonstrates how to use the system to seek trademark protection abroad, as well as an online Fee Calculator.

If your trademark is registered in a country which is not yet a member of the Madrid Union, and you are unable to take advantage of the Madrid System, you can always seek to register your trademark in Australia by directly applying with IP Australia, the Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property rights.

As you can see, the process for foreign ownership and trademark protection of domain names is relatively simple. Once a trademark is registered or is pending registration, brand owners are then eligible to protect their trademark names in

If you wish to register a .au domain name, please visit one of the .au accredited registrars which can be found here:

- AusRegistry (A guide to protecting international trademarks in



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