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Domain Expiry Process  Explained by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA)

When a domain name has expired or has been deleted and someone would like to pick up the name when it becomes available for registration, we recommend that a person or organisation employs the services of a domain drop catcher. A drop catching service allows a person to lodge a pre-application for a domain name before it is due to drop, and then uses a special software program to attempt to 'catch' the domain name at the registry as soon as it drops.

Without the necessary knowledge or technology it can be quite difficult for the general public to pick up these names. While we don't recommend one over another it is advisable to thoroughly research and decide who offers the best service in this area for yourself. It's important to note that there is usually a fee for using a drop catching service, in addition to the domain name

registration fee that you will be charged if the service is successful in catching your domain name.  It is important to note that while employing the services of a drop catcher improves your chances of picking up a domain name it does not guarantee it as there could be several domain catchers competing to pick up the same name that is about to be dropped.

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Domain Protector Drop Catching Service - Important Points

  • The process ends at 2pm tomorrow, if you wish to proceed we need to be notified before 12.30pm (Melbourne Time).
  • We are required to phone confirm every buyer before we can proceed so please include a contact number in your reply.
  • You do not pay anything until the domain name is resolving to your existing website after which we raise a tax invoice.
  • We require you to nominate your resource level. If we secure domain name we will raise an invoice for that amount. There are no hidden additional costs.
  • This domain is going through a "drop process" which means it recently expired.
  • Depending on the particular drop catching service we acquire the domain, we either register the domain directly to your ABN or act as your agent.
  • At the end of the process we complete a COR (Legal Change of Registrant) to the ABN you provide and you will have complete control and ownership of the domain.
  • If we are successful in securing domain we require payment in full within 72 hours of us issuing your invoice.

Why get a keyword domain name? Also know as a Exact Match Domain?

An exact-match domain is a domain name that exactly matches the searched keyword phrase of a user, and contains no dashes. For example, if you search Google for the keyword phrase “diapers,” then would be the exact-match domain name.

And EMD is either a single word like, a phrase like, or a geographic location like and would not be considered EMDs.

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